Challenge Arena and MSI Gaming are proud to present the League of Legends 2016 Tournament!


15 000

With a massive SAR 15,000 Prize Pool, from 1st place prizes to audience giveaways, everyone is a winner!


Registration & Rules


Registration is open until 9/Feb/2016 - You can register online by clicking here.

Registration fees are SAR 250 per team. Make sure you read all the rules and regulations before registering for the tournament. Teams which violate any of the rules will not be allowed to participate.

Rules and Regulations



1- All players should be citizens of a GCC country or residents in KSA.

2- Respect must be shown to participants and admins at all times.

3- Qualification matches will be Best of One, while matches from Quarter Finals onwards will be Best of Three.

4- Each team must register 5 players.

5- Each player can only be registered in one team.

6- Each team must have a Captain.

7- The captain is in charge of the team and takes full responsibility of its members.

8- All team members must be able to attend (15 minutes) before the game starts.

9- If a team or any of its members is (10 minutes) late, it will count as a loss.

10- All summoners must be level (30).

11- All summoners must be on the EU-West Server.

12- All summoners must provide the exact summoner name as in (LoL) Client.

13- CA is NOT responsible about players disconnection or connectivity issues in games that is not played in Challenge Arena.

14- f any player disconnects during the first 5 minutes, the game will be restarted using the same match-up. (In-person Games Only)

15- In game pauses are only allowed if a player has connectivity issues. If there is any other reason to pause, it must be approved by the tournament admin.

16- No one is allowed to use the (ALL-CHAT) for whatever reason.

17- If a player leaves the game willingly, he is not allowed to continue and the game will go on as (4v5).

18- All games will be played according to the schedule approved by the admin.

19- Every team and its members must follow the CA’s (Challenge Arena) policies and regulations.

20- The tournament admin has the right to change any rules at any time and/or disqualify any team however he sees fit.

21- Semifinal and Final games must be played in-person at Challenge Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.



Payment Options


Pay tournament fees (250 SAR) by cash at Challenge Arena.

Pay tournament fees (250 SAR) by debit/credit card at Challenge Arena

Pay tournament fees (250 SAR) by bank transfer to Challenge Arena's account:

   Name: صالة التحدي
   Bank: سامبا
   IBAN: SA80-4000-0000-0002-2522-6561


Teams failing to pay the registration fees will be automatically removed from the tournament when registration is closed (9 February 2016).


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Tournament Prizes


1st Place

SAR 10,000 Cash Prize

Triumphant Ryze Skins

3,200 Riot Points

15 hours at CA

4-Win IP Boosts

2nd Place

SAR 5,000 Cash Prize

2,400 Riot Points

10 hours at CA

4-Win IP Boosts

3rd Place

1,600 Riot Points

8 hours at CA

4-Win IP Boosts


All participants will be given (5 Hours) in Challenge Arena after the tournament is done!

Watch our tournament live!


Tournament Bracket & Schedule

Tournament Bracket



Tournament Schedule



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